amethyst lavender mini

amethyst lavender mini


Amethyst~ the soul stone.  

hand made with love and prayer, amethyst, scrap leather or buckskin and lavender that has been locally and sustainably harvested.

This stone is known to make a person better, encouraging, commonsense while dispersing bad thoughts, bringing in a mild and gentle energy.  It helps to quiet the mind and bring a deep inner peace.  Amethyst helps with sadness and grief.  Amethyst encourage sobriety and awareness.  It can help to prevent nightmares when put under the pillow. She will help you find full comfort and peace in your souls heart. While Lavender relaxes and soothes the mind, reduces emotional and mental agitation. She lessens the feelings of depletion and burnout, washing tension from the nervous system to promote calm mental states, feelings of wellbeing, healthy sleep and vitality. Lavender and Amethyst are helpers to sooth and to calm our hearts so that we may show up with ease and grace.

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