gemstone mini

gemstone mini

from 88.00

life enhancing minis!! these are just like the original mini but with gemstone beads, for an upgrade in your flow.

the power of clear quartz doubles the power of the gemstone specific energy to bring it more clearly into your life when needed.

you can always ask the plants and crystals for help, i think they like it! ;)

see below for available gems. *

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*Pink Tourmaline = Trust, *Peach Moonstone = Pleasure, *Garnet = Courage

*Labradorite = Adventure, *Moonstone = Ease/Serenity, *Amethyst = Comfort

*Pyrite = Will Power/Perseverance, *Tiger Eye = Stability/Ground

*Lapis = Dignity/Virtue, *Turquoise = Celebrate, *Azurite = Authenticity/Truth

*Smokey Quartz = Evolve, *Black Spinal = Your Pure Essence